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Door for Glowen Raptor 2

szerző: Glowen
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The Door is designed to maintain a lower temperature during cooking, particularly for items like bread and larger cuts of meat. Equipped with a handle for easy installation and removal.

Compatible with Raptor 2 model.

Great Pizza Guarantee

We guarantee you’ll make great pizza with your Glowen Pizza Oven or we’ll buy it back within 55 days! You don't have to worry about returns. Guarantee

2 Year Free Warranty

At Glow Seven d.o.o., we stand behind our products with a standard 2-year warranty. See more info: Warranty

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Key Features:

  • Easy to clean

The Box Contains:

  • 1 x Door for Glowen Raptor 2

Door for Glowen Raptor 2:

  • Dimensions: Length 500 mm, Height 150 mm
  • Constructed from stainless steel (AISI 430) for high temperature resistance

What’s new in the Raptor 2?

Larger Cooking Area

More room, more food. Easily fit three 25 cm / 10’’ or two 30 cm / 12’’ pizzas or one massive 50 cm / 20’’ pizza. Perfect for parties or family dinners where everyone’s appetite must be satisfied.

Rapid Heat-Up Technology

Ready in just 15 minutes and reaching 450°C with a booster, our Raptor 2 oven reaches optimal cooking temperatures faster than any other oven on the market, thanks to our booster technology.

Improved Gas Burner Operation

Enjoy high-power cooking (up to 12 kW), while not consuming soot, and rest easy with our built-in safety features.

Dual Fuel Innovation

Experience the versatility of both wood and gas with our easy-switch fuel system. Whether it's the convenience of gas or the traditional flavour of wood, Raptor 2 adapts to your culinary needs without compromise.

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Great Pizza Guarantee

Nagyszerű pizza garancia

Garantáljuk, hogy nagyszerű pizzát fogsz készíteni a Glowen pizzasütőddel, különben 55 napon belül visszavásároljuk!
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