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Meet the Revolutionary
Glowen Raptor 2 – The
Future of Outdoor Cooking

Dual Fuel Flexibility Meets
Unmatched Efficiency

24” x 20” Gas Powered Pizza Oven
Pre-order starts in May 2024!

1099€ 799€

Pre-order price for Gas burner bundle

We are thrilled to announce
that the first batch of revolutionary Raptor 2 ovens will start
shipping on June 28th

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Raptor 2 Main Features

Discover Speed and Versatility with the Glowen Raptor 2

Dive into our thrilling new video, in which the Raptor 2 takes on a culinary marathon, flawlessly baking six pizzas and grilling a steak all within six minutes. This showcase isn't just about speed—it’s about the astonishing versatility and consistent results that only the Raptor 2 can deliver. Each pizza emerges perfectly cooked, alongside a steak seared to perfection. Watch now to see how the Raptor 2 stands out as the ultimate tool for any outdoor cooking enthusiast.

Witness the Unmatched Speed and Precision of the Glowen Raptor 2

Watch our latest video and see the Raptor 2 in action as it effortlessly bakes three perfect pizzas in just 100 seconds—far outpacing the competition. Experience the exceptional evenness in baking that sets the Raptor 2 apart from others. Every pizza from the Raptor 2 comes out evenly cooked, with no hot spots or uneven edges, just perfect, delicious results every time. See for yourself why the Raptor 2 is the top choice for pizza lovers and culinary enthusiasts. Don’t just take our word for it; watch the video and see the difference!

Dual Fuel Flexibility

Why choose when you can have both? Experience the versatility of both wood and gas with our easy-switch fuel system. Whether it's the convenience of gas or the traditional flavor of wood, Raptor 2 adapts to your culinary needs without compromise.

Curious about how fast the Raptor 2 can heat up? Join Grega, our CEO, in a detailed studio demonstration as he showcases the impressive quick heat-up time of the Raptor 2 with a booster at 20°C of ambient temperature. Witness first-hand efficiency and power that sets the Raptor 2 apart from the rest.

Rapid Heat-Up Technology

Ready in just 15 minutes, our Raptor 2 reaches optimal cooking temperatures faster than any other oven on the market, thanks to our booster technology.

Zero Recovery Time

Keep the pizzas coming with zero recovery time. Our advanced thermal design ensures consistent high temperatures, allowing continuous cooking even during the busiest gatherings.

Join us in a dynamic video featuring Grega and the team at a bustling event, demonstrating the Raptor 2's superior heat retention and efficiency. Filmed with a 360-degree overhead camera, see how our oven effortlessly handles back-to-back pizza orders, maintaining optimal heat throughout. Perfect for professional use in high-demand settings!

Unmatched Cooking Capacity Glowen Raptor 2

Unmatched Cooking Capacity

More room, more food. Easly fit three 10 inch pizza, two 12 inch pizzas or one massive 20 inch pizza. Perfect for parties or family dinners where everyone’s appetite must be satisfied.

Superior Build Quality

Crafted from premium stainless steel, not only is the Raptor 2 robust and weather-resistant, it’s a sleek centerpiece for any outdoor kitchen.

Slide for a 360-degree view of the Raptor 2

Check out our video highlighting the Raptor 2's innovative burner with piezo ignition and thermocouple safety that shuts off gas automatically, ensuring your cooking is both safe and environmentally friendly. Experience how its clean, soot-free flame enhances your culinary creations.

Efficiency and Safety

Our ovens are designed with your health and safety in mind. Enjoy high-power cooking (up to 13 kW) while not consuming soot, and rest easy with our built-in safety features.

Portability Without Compromise

At only 32 kg, Raptor 2 is built to go wherever you need it. Let us show you how easy is to move the oven around in the next video.

Watch Grega showcase the lightweight design of the Raptor 2 in his unique style—through dance! See him effortlessly move with the oven, proving just how portable and easy to handle it really is. Don't miss this fun and quirky demonstration of Raptor 2's ease of mobility.

At a recent brewery opening, the Glowen Raptor 2 seamlessly baked 300 pizzas in 5 hours, demonstrating its robust capacity and efficiency. Watch our video to see how the Raptor 2 meets the high demands of professional settings like pizzerias and food trucks.

Proven Performance

Don’t just take our word for it. Tested in real-world settings like busy brewery openings, Raptor 2 performed flawlessly, baking over 300 pizzas in just 5 hours.

Rapid Heat-up Feature

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Complete Measurement of Raptor 2

The 30 second
no turning
pizza test

World's best outdoor pizza oven 1

Pizza 1

World's best outdoor pizza oven 2

Pizza 2

The Glowen Raptor 2

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