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Large cooking area 68x68 cm
Reaches 500 °C / 932 °F in 35 minutes
Lightweight. Only 53kg
Diablo Oven Title
Diablo Glowen Oven

Introducing the Diablo wood-rired oven from Glowen – where ancient wisdom and modern engineering unite to create a remarkable culinary masterpiece. Inspired by the age-old technology of authentic wood-fired ovens, Diablo oven boasts an efficient design with a single opening for hot and cold air circulation, maximizing heat retention and ensuring even cooking. Its distinctive dome shape not only captivates with a mesmerizing rolling flame effect but also locks in moisture, resulting in juciy dishes. With a generous cooking surface of 68×68 cm and a mere 53 kg of weight, this oven offers unmatched capacity and portability, allowing you to bake three pizzas simultaneously, each up to 50 cm.

The well-thought-out insulation ensures optimal performance, maintaining a consistent cooking temperature while enhancing fuel efficiency. As a testament to innovation, Diablo will soon be available with a gas option, providing even greater cooking flexibility. Elevate your culinary skills and embrace the allure of traditional wood-fired cooking with the Diablo wood-fired oven – where time-tested excellence meets contemporary culinary innovation.

Thick baking plate
Thick baking plate
Flaming hot
Reaches more
than 500 °C (930 °F)
Perfect size
752 × 578 × 972 mm
outer dimensions.
Cooking surface:
700 × 700 mm
Weight without packaging:
53 kg
Cook meat, fish &
vegetables with fire!

Check out the Diablo in action!

Your portable oven!

Revolutionary portable wood and gas-fired oven designed to elevate your pizza-baking experience. With ample space to effortlessly turn your pizza inside it, its spacious chamber allows for precise baking, thanks to strategically positioned temperature zones.


Hassle - free!

Moreover, its compact and chimney-free design makes it incredibly convenient to carry and transport wherever you go – simply lift it and take it with you on your adventures!