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Large cooking area 36 x 34cm
500 °C / 932 °F in 15 minutes
Recovery time of 28 seconds
Dragon Oven Title
Dragon Oven

Meet the Glowen Dragon: the ultimate ally in your cooking adventures! This compact, dome-shaped oven, born in Europe, is the little brother in the Glowen family but don't let its size fool you. With dimensions of 41x53x22 cm and a cooking surface of 36x34 cm, it's a powerhouse that weighs just 15kg. The Glowen Dragon elevates pizza crafting to an art form, featuring a captivating flame that swirls within, ensuring your pizzas are evenly baked to perfection.

Its classic dome design enables it to soar to a remarkable 500 degrees Celsius in a mere 15 minutes, promising extraordinary culinary results.

Step into a world of endless possibilities with the Glowen Dragon by your side. Whether you're a seasoned chef or a budding pizza maker, this oven invites you to experiment, innovate, and create memorable experiences. Join a passionate community of pizza lovers who have embraced the Glowen Dragon and start your flavorful journey today!

Glowen Dome-shaped oven design

The dome shape enhances heat distribution and retention, ensuring even cooking.

Construction materials maintain high temperatures, optimizing the cooking environment.

The design captures smoky flavors, offering an authentic taste.

No chimney needed, simplifying installation and maintenance.

Despite its smaller size, it accommodates the same pizza sizes.

Image Description 1 Image Description 2
Regulated heat
Heat can be regulated
for versatile cooking.
Flaming hot
Reaches more
than 500 °C (930 °F)
Perfect size
41 x 53 x 22 cm
outer dimensions.
Bake Pizzas up to
33 cm (15 inch) in diameter
The Glowen Dragon oven
weighs just 15 kg!
Cook meat, fish &
vegetables with fire!

Can You Use A Glowen Dragon Pizza Oven For Other Things?

With the Glowen Dragon, the resounding answer is a resolute “yes.” At the heart of its excellence lies the Dragon’s remarkable capability to reach a scorching 500 degrees Celsius in a mere 15 minutes. This impressive feat isn’t just about speed; it’s about precision and perfection.

While other small ovens have tendencies to overheat your food because of small space Dragon differs from other ovens in its unique design. While remaining small it has a spacious inside chamber allowing consistent temperature and rolling flame which makes it perfect for all kinds of food.

Your portable oven!

Revolutionary gas-fired oven designed to elevate your pizza-baking experience. With ample space to effortlessly turn your pizza inside it, its spacious chamber allows for precise baking, thanks to strategically positioned temperature zones.


Hassle - free!

Moreover, its compact and chimney-free design makes it incredibly convenient to carry and transport wherever you go – simply lift it and take it with you on your adventures!