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Large cooking area
500 °C / 932 °F in 15 minutes
Multi-fuel gas or wood
Raptor Oven Title
Raptor Oven

Introducing Glowen Raptor: your perfect culinary companion! Crafted in Europe, this portable dome-shaped oven takes pizza-making to new heights. Its mesmerizing rolling flame ensures even heat distribution for perfectly cooked pizzas. Despite its compact size (500x500x430 mm with a 380×380 mm cooking area), Glowen Raptor offers ample space for various pizza sizes and flavors.

Embrace the convenience of dual-fuel options, allowing you to choose between wood-fired authenticity or the quickness of gas. Thanks to the authentic dome oven design, Glowen Raptors rapidly reaches an impressive 500 degrees Celsius, guaranteeing exceptional cooking results.

Unleash your creativity and create unforgettable moments with Glowen Raptors as your trusted culinary companion. Join the ever-growing community of pizza enthusiasts who’ve discovered the joy of pizza-making with Glowen Raptors and embark on a delicious culinary adventure today!

The dome shape facilitates controlled airflow, ensuring even heat distribution throughout the oven.

Construction materials are chosen for their thermal properties, which contribute to superior heat retention, leading to more efficient cooking.

The enclosed environment captures and circulates smoky flavors, offering an authentic taste that is hard to replicate with other cooking methods.

The absence of a chimney reduces complexity in installation and maintenance, making these ovens a practical choice for any cooking space.

The design and functionality of dome-shaped pizza ovens make them a versatile addition to both indoor and outdoor cooking areas.

Image Description 1 Image Description 2
Cook your food
with gas or wood
Flaming hot
Reaches more
than 500 °C (930 °F)
Perfect size
50 x 50 x 36 cm
outer dimensions.
Bake Pizzas up to
38 cm (15 inch) in diameter
The Glowen Raptor oven
weighs just 20 kg!
Cook meat, fish &
vegetables with fire!
Total Airflow ControlEnables precise regulation of airflow, allowing for optimal temperature control and extended heat retention for prolonged cooking sessions.
Versatile Cooking OptionsSupports a wide range of cooking temperatures, from high to low, catering to various cooking techniques including slow cooking, ideal for meats and seafood.
Enhanced Culinary ExperiencesThese doors are designed to elevate your cooking, making them an essential accessory for anyone passionate about wood-fired ovens.
Image 1
Maximized Cooking EfficiencySpecially designed for the Glowen Raptor, this burner enhances baking efficiency with a unique design that produces a rolling flame, mimicking the effect of a wood-fired pizza oven.
Balanced Power and Clean CombustionExperience the ideal combination of powerful heat output and eco-friendly clean combustion, ensuring an optimal cooking environment.
Eco-Friendly FlameExpert craftsmanship ensures that the flame is not only powerful but also environmentally friendly, aligning with sustainable cooking practices.
Image 2
Cordierite Ceramic PlateKnown for its extreme durability and quick heat-up time, this option ensures rapid and efficient heat radiation, leading to faster cooking times.
Hand-Made Slovenian Clay Plate:Offers a slower heat-up time with gentler heat radiation, ideal for precise and controlled cooking, reducing the risk of overcooking.
Tailored Baking ExperienceWith these exceptional plate options, enjoy the flexibility to choose the perfect baking surface for your culinary needs, enhancing your overall cooking experience with the Glowen Raptor.
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Your portable oven!

Revolutionary portable wood and gas-fired oven designed to elevate your pizza-baking experience. With ample space to effortlessly turn your pizza inside it, its spacious chamber allows for precise baking, thanks to strategically positioned temperature zones.


Hassle - free!

Moreover, its compact and chimney-free design makes it incredibly convenient to carry and transport wherever you go – simply lift it and take it with you on your adventures!