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Clay Baking Stone - BAKE COTTO

by Glowen
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Unlike stones made from other materials, the clay stone allows baking at high temperatures without burning the dough. Thanks to its porous surface, the stone quickly absorbs moisture from the dough, enabling the preparation of a crispy pizza while keeping the dough fresh and dry. It also maintains a uniform temperature.
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Key Features:

  • Handmade:

Possible dimensional and surface irregularities on the stone.

  • Cleaning :

Do not use detergents to clean the stone as they are absorbed into the stone. Clean it only with a damp sponge for cleaning ceramics or porcelain. The rule “less is more” applies.

  • Maintenance:

Handle the stone carefully as it is sensitive to mechanical damage and do not place heavy objects on it. As the stone is made of clay, protect it from dirt and moisture.

  • Can be used in a kitchen oven.

Use in a kitchen oven:

  • Place the clay stone on the rack in a cold oven. 
  • Heat the oven with the stone to the highest temperature, approximately 250 °C. Once you reach this temperature, heat the stone for at least 15 minutes to prepare it for baking. 
  • Place the bread or pizza on the stone using our Glowen wooden paddle. 
  • When baking pizza, the rack and stone should be at a higher level in the oven. Maintain the highest temperature and bake the pizza for 8 to 10 minutes. 
  • When baking bread, the rack and stone should be in the middle. The baking temperature for bread should be 190 °C. After 45-50 minutes, your bread will be golden brown, crispy, fragrant, with a soft core. 
  • After baking, use a paddle or gloves to safely remove the products from the oven. 
  • Leave the stone in the oven to cool.


  • Do not remove the hot stone from the oven as it can crack due to “thermal shock”, and you can get burned. 
  • Do not place a cold stone in a preheated oven; the stone needs to heat up in the oven. 
  • Do not spray the heated stone with water.
  • The stone should cool down in the oven. 
  • Due to expansions, the stone should not be tightly clamped in metal. 
  • Do not use clay stones on direct fire.

The Box Contains:

  • Clay Baking Stone - BAKE COTTO

Clay Baking Stone:

  • Stone dimensions: length 380 mm, width 380 mm, height 30 mm
  • 100% red terracotta clay
  • 100% natural product