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Glowen Pizza Essential Kit Bundle

by Glowen
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Elevate Your Pizza Artistry with the Glowen Pizza Essential Kit Bundle!

Make your pizza-making easier with the Glowen Pizza Essential Kit Bundle. This all-encompassing package is the ultimate selection for those poised to enhance their pizza artistry or in search of a memorable gift.

Master the science of impeccable baking with the Glowen Infrared Thermometer. This laser-guided instrument of high precision is tailor-made to read extreme temperatures on Glowen’s cordierite/clay baking stones, guaranteeing a flawless bake each time.

The Turning Peel streamlines the task of maneuvering and rotating your pizza without disrupting the bake. Its stainless steel surface possesses a non-stick attribute, facilitating easy sliding under pizzas.

The Wooden Peel is an indispensable tool for effortlessly inserting and retrieving your pizzas from your Glowen Oven. Its lightweight construction and ultra-smooth surface make this peel versatile - prepare, slide, and retrieve your pizzas like a professional.

Great Pizza Guarantee

We guarantee you’ll make great pizza with your Glowen Pizza Oven or we’ll buy it back within 55 days! You don't have to worry about returns. Guarantee

2 Year Free Warranty

At Glow Seven d.o.o., we stand behind our products with a standard 2-year warranty. See more info: Warranty

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How to launch your pizza?

  • Sprinkle the peel with flour. Then add dough and toppings.
  • Ensure that your shaped base hasn’t stuck to the peel before launching.
  • Aim to slide the pizza into the middle of the baking stone, which is the optimal position for even cooking.

The Box Contains:

  • 1 x Wooden Peel
  • 1 x Turning Peel
  • 1 x  Glowen Infrared Thermometer

Wooden Peel

  • Dimensions: 320 × 335 × 850 mm
  • Larch wood

Turning Peel

  • Dimensions: diameter 200 mm, length 737 mm
  • Constructed from high-temperature-resistant stainless steel (Aisi 430)
  • Weight: 550g
  • Easy to clean

 Glowen Infrared Thermometer

  • Weight: 178g
  • Material: Plastic