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Glowen Pizza Master's Kit Bundle

by Glowen
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Elevate Your Pizza Mastery with the Glowen Pizza Master’s Kit Bundle

Unleash your inner pizzaiolo and take your pizza-making skills to new heights with the Glowen Pizza Master’s Kit Bundle. This comprehensive package is the perfect choice for those ready to step up their pizza game or seeking an unforgettable gift.

Master the art of perfect baking with the Glowen Infrared Thermometer. This high-precision, laser-guided tool is specifically designed to read extreme temperatures on Glowen’s cordierite/clay baking stones, ensuring a flawless bake every time.

Experience effortless pizza cutting with the Glowen Cutting & Serving Board. Its lightweight, durable design not only simplifies slicing but also doubles as a stylish serving board.

Revolutionize your dough preparation with the Glowen Dough Proofing Trays. This space-saving solution allows you to proof 12 dough balls and free up counter space. The two durable, food-grade plastic trays come with a lid to prevent your dough from drying out, whether you’re proofing on the counter, in the fridge, or in the freezer.

The Turning Peel simplifies the process of moving and turning your pizza without affecting the bake. Its stainless steel surface has a non-stick effect, making it easy to slide under pizzas.

The Wooden Peel is an essential tool for easily getting your pizzas in and out of your Glowen Oven. Its lightweight design and super-smooth surface make this peel versatile - prep, slide, and retrieve your pizzas like a pro.

Lastly, the kit includes a Plastic Dough Spatula to help you cut the dough and easily remove it from the Glowen Dough Proofing Trays.

Great Pizza Guarantee

We guarantee you’ll make great pizza with your Glowen Pizza Oven or we’ll buy it back within 55 days! You don't have to worry about returns. Guarantee

2 Year Free Warranty

At Glow Seven d.o.o., we stand behind our products with a standard 2-year warranty. See more info: Warranty

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How to launch your pizza?

  • Sprinkle the peel with flour. Then add dough and toppings.
  • Ensure that your shaped base hasn’t stuck to the peel before launching.
  • Aim to slide the pizza into the middle of the baking stone, which is the optimal position for even cooking.

The Box Contains:

  • 1 x Wooden Peel
  • 1 x Turning Peel
  • 1 x Plastic Dough Spatula
  • 1 x Glowen Dough Proofing Trays
  • 1 x  Glowen Infrared Thermometer
  • 1 x Glowen Cutting & Serving Board

Wooden Peel

  • Dimensions: 320 × 335 × 850 mm
  • Larch wood

Turning Peel

  • Dimensions: diameter 200 mm, length 737 mm
  • Constructed from high-temperature-resistant stainless steel (Aisi 430)
  • Weight: 550g
  • Easy to clean

Plastic Dough Spatula

  • Material: 
  • Dimensions: 

Glowen Dough Proofing Trays

  • Dimensions: 300 x 400 x 100 mm
  • Material: Food-grade plastic

 Glowen Infrared Thermometer

  • Weight: 178g
  • Material: Plastic

Glowen Cutting & Serving Board

  • Dimensions: 480 × 320 mm
  • Material: Larch wood
  • Weight: 1.65 kg